4 Reasons Small Business Owners Need Cybersecurity Consultants

From data breaches at major retailers to email hacking at the Pentagon, there’s a lot of talk about cybersecurity. However, government entities and large corporations aren’t the only ones at risk. SMB owners should make network and data protection a priority. Below are the top four reasons to turn to VALiNTRY.com for business cybersecurity.

Breaches Put the Company’s Reputation at Risk

Not all breaches make the headlines, but if a business is exposed, people are sure to learn about it. If customers don’t think their data is safe, they’ll shop elsewhere, and a breach may even make vendors wary. Every company has its own info to protect, and a data breach can identify a business as the security chain’s weakest link.

Data Breaches are Financially Burdensome

When a security breach is found, systems are typically taken offline to resolve the issue. During downtime, a business may not be able to continue operations. New software and equipment may be purchased to prevent another breach. Finally, a wronged party can file a lawsuit because of the exposure. However, working with the consultants at VALiNTRY.com can give business owners the information needed to plug any security holes.

Security Breaches are Inevitable

Today’s data-intensive, interconnected world means that it’s not a question of if a breach will happen, but when. Cyberthieves have found that smaller businesses often hold significant amounts of sensitive data, but they often lack the security measures of their larger counterparts. Rather than relying on hope to avoid exposure, small business owners should take a proactive approach to data protection with VALiNTRY.com.

Threats Sometimes Come From the Inside

The dangers within an organization can be just as severe as those associated with cybercriminals. A disgruntled employee can inflict extreme damage if they choose to leak sensitive information. A challenging aspect of an internal threat is determining each employee’s level of risk. In many cases, an employer isn’t aware of the risk until a breach occurs. Working with a cybersecurity consultant can help business owners assess risks and take steps to minimize them.

Some of the biggest breaches of the recent past have happened when a small business served as a vendor to a larger corporation. Small businesses will face scrutiny for security best practices as long as they serve in that capacity. Visit today to learn how VALiNTRY named to Inc 500 can help a business of any size protect its customers’ sensitive data.



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